UNC Faculty Discouraged from Inviting Coworkers to Play Golf

June 29, 2016

Golf isn’t exactly an aggressive sport. But could it be, uh, microaggressive?

According to The Washington Times, new guidelines posted on the University of North Carolina’s employee forum warns readers that inviting a colleague for a round of golf qualifies as a “microagression” because the invitation assumes that “employees have the financial resources/exposure to a fairly expensive and inaccessible sport.”

Microaggressions, generally defined as subtle insults that demean members of a particular race, gender or sexual orientation, have become a subject of vigorous debate on college campuses throughout the country in recent years.

After negative feedback, the post is now private with an editor’s note attached at the top: “This blog post does not represent University policy. The piece was compiled from research and published scholarly works in response to Forum members’ interest in the topic of microaggressions.”

Update: The post has since been removed since it was being “misconstrued as University policy.” Joel Curran, UNC’s vice chancellor for communcations, issued a statement that read: “Those opinions were wrongly reported as University policy and/or guidelines; they are not. The blog does not represent University policy nor was it intended to be an official or unofficial guidebook as it has been widely reported in social media.”