Why Are Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth in Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets?

February 2, 2016

What do Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth have to do with the Super Bowl? Well, nothing really, except you can find prop bets involving the two golf superstars and this year’s big game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.

Confused? It’s going to get worse.

You can bet on which number you think is going to be higher: Tiger Woods’ first round at the Masters this year (if he plays), or Emmanuel Sanders’ receiving total in the Super Bowl. 

Now, for starters, Woods has yet to play in a tournament this year after multiple offseason surgeries on his back, and it’s unclear at this point if he’ll even play at the Masters. 

But that’s where this really gets weird. You can also bet on what will be higher between Jordan Spieth’s first-round total at the Masters or Demaryius Thomas’ receiving yardage against the Panthers. 

Sanders, during the regular season, averaged 75.66 yards, so for this purpose, let’s round to 76. Woods would have to shoot 75 or better. For some context, he shot 73 (healthy) in his first round at Augusta last season.

Thomas, on the other hand, averaged 81.5 yards during the regular season. That means Spieth, who shot 64-66-70-70 en route to winning last year’s major, has a higher number he can shoot to still come in below this total, despite being healthy, and playing pretty well to start the season. 

Basically, Vegas (Bovada in this case) is saying the over/under is higher for Spieth, who is the healthier player and someone we’ve actually seen play well this season. 

Why? Well, that’s why they call it gambling. 

Our friends in the desert work in mysterious ways (and we’re not talking about the Phoenix Open).