Texas Man Reclaims World Record for Longest Usable Golf Club

September 13, 2016

Move over, Arnie and Jack. Golf has a new rivalry for the ages.

Two men, one in Texas and one in New York, have been locked in an ongoing battle for the Guinness World Record mark for the world’s longest usable golf club.

According to The Fort Worth Star Telegram, local golf professional Michael Furrh has officially reclaimed the title once again, building and swinging a club that was 28 feet and 1 inch long, surpassing his rival’s last attempt in April by about three feet.

“I’m a proud Texan and I want to keep this record right here,” Furrh said.

Furrh has been building super-size clubs in pursuit of the record since 2012. He and Ashrita Furman, his New York-based competitor, have traded the record back and forth several times.

Will Furman answer this latest feat with a slightly longer club of his own? Time will tell.