Teenager Reportedly Stabbed in the Neck With Golf Club Shaft

August 31, 2016

An 18-year-old was reportedly stabbed in the neck with a golf club shaft in a state park outside of Boston Tuesday night.

Three young men entered Breakheart Reservation, a 650-acre state park located in Saugus, Massachusetts, on Tuesday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. After an altercation, one of the men was reported by police to have been stabbed in the neck area. 

The police also reported a car was stolen and crashed on nearby Main Street when the alleged assailant tried to flee the scene.

“The guy looked like he was trying to get away, and there was a tow truck, it looked like he blocked him in so he couldn’t get out, there was a lot of people talking to him, he looked very nervous and then the police showed up,” a witness told Fox25.

The police announced an arrest of Curtis Day, 18. The victim was taken to a local hospital via medical helicopter and is expected to survive.

Here’s a local news recap of the situation.