Driver Speeds Through Colorado Course Nearly Hitting Golfers

Driver Speeds Through Colorado Course Nearly Hitting Golfers

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A driver piloting a Toyota SUV went on a tear through a Colorado golf course this week.
FOX 31 Denver

Colorado golfers wrestled with a different — and dangerous — kind of “wild driver” on Monday.

According to KDVR in Denver, police are searching for a suspect who drove an SUV onto the fifth hole of City Park Golf Course, scattering several golfers enjoying an early afternoon round and causing significant damage to the course.

No one was reported injured, but according to one witness, despite the damage, the course and its patrons may have gotten lucky.

“We actually got a warning from the clubhouse that someone had driven on the course with the objective of hitting some of the golfers,” said John Christner. “That is one of the busiest times at City Park. Anytime between 12 and 4 p.m., you’re going to see the course full. To have someone driving 40 miles per hour in their 4Runner is pretty alarming. I’m shocked no one was hurt. It could have been a lot worse.”

The hunt for the driver is on, with police asking for tips from any witnesses who could help locate the perpetrator.