RIP Harambe Stamped on Smylie Kaufman's Cleveland Wedge

RIP Harambe Stamped on Smylie Kaufman’s Cleveland Wedge

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Smylie Kaufman now has one of the most unique wedges on Tour. The 24-year-old Kaufman showed off his Cleveland wedge that had “RIP HARAMBE” stamped on it on Snapchat on Monday.

Harambe, by the way, was the 17-year-old gorilla that Cincinnati Zoo officials shot and killed in May after a child fell into the exhibit. Since then the gorilla’s made national news and circulated often on social media. It’s name was even yelled after a Jordan Spieth putt at the PGA Championship. You can check out the wedge below. Andrew “Beef” Johnston now has some competition when it comes to unique clubs.