Residents Tee Off on Private Club After Dozens of Balls Wash Ashore

June 6, 2016
rowayton sand balls.jpg

Connecticut-area residents are teeing off on a local private golf club after range balls were found washed ashore on Long Island Sound.

According to The Stamford Advocate, neighbors of Wee Burn Beach Club learned that club members were intentionally hitting balls into the water off Bayley Beach and Rowayton, Conn. Wee Burn assistant general manager Timothy Szemplinski told local media that patrons hitting into the sound is something that’s ‘done very rarely,’ and that the club forbid the activity once they found out it was a problem. Still, dozens of balls have surfaced, and residents took to the web to debate the issue.

“It’s just another case of noblesse oblige, except no one using [Bayley] wants golf balls washing up on the beach,” one user said on the private social media site Nextdoor Rowayton, the transcripts obtained by Hearst Connecticut Media. “Even one ball not picked up is too many.”

“How about Wee Burn just stops lobbing golf balls into the Long Island Sound,” someone else chimed in. “It’s just not the right thing to do for so many many reasons.”

Szemplinski said that staff members were instructed to clean up the balls, which were not biodegradable or fish-friendly. The 120-year-old club didn’t check whether hitting balls into the sound was legal or not.

“As soon as it was brought to my attention that the neighbors were upset, we ceased immediately,” Szemplinski said. “We are good neighbors to Rowayton and Bayley Beach. I even go down and rake a couple times a week. I do that as being a good neighbor because we all share the same sand.”