Report: Bill Murray Throws Fans’ Cell Phones off Second-Floor Restaurant Rooftop

February 13, 2016

Bill Murray is typically the fan favorite at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, hamming it up with the crowds and entertaining the masses, but a report has surfaced stating Murray threw fans’ cellphones over a restaurant’s second-floor rooftop this week.

From On Thursday night, Murray was at the restaurant Vesuvio, where Justin Timberlake was throwing a party for his 901 tequila, when a number of fans bombarded the comedic actor and started repeatedly taking flash photos of him. Murray, who’s usually very accommodating, became annoyed with the too-close-for-comfort fans, and grabbed some of their phones and tossed them over the restaurant’s second floor rooftop.

The report claims that Murray tossed three phones, damaging two, and has agreed to pay for the damages caused.

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That wasn’t the only throwing Murray did this week. In a practice round on Wednesday, Murray threw his club on the par-3 7th to entertain the crowds. 

Bill Murray: never boring!