Python Devours Entire Wallaby in Fairway at Australia Golf Course

Pythons are not new to Paradise Palms Resort in Cairns, Australia.
Courtesy Cairns Post

Mother Nature showed its brutal face at an Australian golf course this weekend.

According to a report from The Cairns Post, a 4-meter snake was found eating an entire wallaby in the fairway on the 17th hole at Paradise Palms Resort, located on the north side of Cairns, Australia.

“We see a lot of pythons out here,” said Declan McCollum, general manager of the resort. “That’s the first time we have actually seen one devour a fellow animal on the golf course.”

Check out the full article here. A photo of the gruesome side of nature is below. As you may recall, it was just 13 months ago we saw an Alligator do battle with a python at a golf course down in Florida.