New Golf Coaching App From IBM and Spare5

October 22, 2015

Golfers hoping to improve their game may soon be able to get coaching help in real time from a new app called Watson Golf Pro. The app was born out of a partnership between IBM’s computer Watson, the machine that beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy! in 2011, and task start-up Spare5, which matches users who have free time with companies or customers who need a specific job completed.

The app utilizes Watson’s visual processing abilities to analyze a player’s golf swing and stance, information used to provide tips and advice from real-life golf professionals. Spare5 hopes to someday expand this kind of pairing of mobile technology with human expertise to other industries, including healthcare and retail.

GeekWire compared the technology to Hank Haney’s Twitter-based golf guidance, where players send him videos of their swings and he offers help in 140 characters or less. Besides being a more efficient (and tech-savvy) means of achieving the same gains, Watson Golf Pro has the added bonus of being private—so your entire social media network doesn’t get to read your personal coaching questions.