Red Sox Outfielder Mookie Betts Sinks Golf Cart

February 15, 2016
Mookie Betts cart.jpg

Maybe some athletes should stick to what they know.

Red Sox center fielder Mookie Betts played golf with teammate Travis Shaw on Sunday, and it seems the former sunk a lot more than just putts.

Shaw tweeted this photo of a submerged golf cart courtesy of his playing partner, Betts.

There are so many questions, mainly: How did this happen? Were they soaked the rest of the round? How many penalties does one assess, and can you take another cart from the drop area?

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Betts later tweeted that he did not, in fact, drive the cart into the pond — he claims it rolled in. According to Shaw, nobody was harmed in the incident, and Betts will be taking a break from behind the wheel for a little while.