Michelle Obama Offers Trash Talk Advice About President Obama to Steph Curry

September 14, 2016

The next time Steph Curry tees it up with Barack Obama he will be prepared.

Curry played with Obama last year and said afterwards that the President was a big fan of trash talk and was stingy with how many gimmes were allowed in the match. When Curry was on the Ellen Degeneres Show, where Michelle Obama was co-hosting, their golf history was once again brought up. 

First, Curry said he wasn’t allowed to disclose Obama’s handicap. “That’s top secret,” he said. (Obama has said in the past that he is a 13.) Then the conversation moved to the President’s mind games on the course.

Curry said when he would hit a poor drive, Obama would coyly respond with, “Yeah, that’s not a good shot. I’m going to need you to do better next time.” That obviously had gotten in Curry’s head, since he has lost both matches with Obama. But then Michelle suggested that Curry should trash talk back. And even offered some specific talking points.

“Talk about his ears,” Michelle said. “If you’re putting, you want to say, ‘The shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt.’ Try that one.”

See the full video below.