Marathon Golfer Smashes World Record With 237 Holes Played in 12 Hours

December 12, 2016
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With the correct motivation, no world record is safe, especially for Brad Luiten.

Luiten broke—no, he smashed—the world record for consecutive holes played over 12 hours by completing 237 holes. That’s 16 more than the previous record. This comes according to a report from 1 News Now in New Zealand.

If you know Luiten, his accomplishment wouldn’t come as a surprise. Luiten is an avid marathoner who already owns the record for a 10k completed on crutches. The 11-handicap used just a 6-iron all day. He was inspired to break the record after a friend passed away last year. He was looking to raise awareness for those affected by bowel cancer.

For more on how he did it, check out the original news report below.