Manatee Rescue Operation Underway at Florida Golf Course

September 15, 2016

Updated: The manatees have since been freed from the pond, thanks to groups of volunteers. Check out the video below.

This is animals on the golf course: aquatic edition. While many Florida golf courses have to contend with trespassing alligators, few have been faced with the task of removing multiple 1,000 pound manatees from the grounds.

A group of manatees who became trapped in a pond at the Plantation on Crystal River Resort in Florida are set to be rescued on Thursday, according to Fox 13. They were washed into the pond during hurricane Hermine, but couldn’t swim back to the river once the water receded. 

Moving manatees is no easy feat. They can weigh in at 1,000 pounds or more, and require special manatee stretchers (and lots of manpower) to lift them out of the water. Although these manatees were cut off from their normal habitat, an expert on the species told Fox 13 that he suspects they were not unhappy in their temporary water hazard home. The pond is full of a type of weed that manatees consider a delicious treat. “They’re probably going to come out of here 20 pounds heavier because they probably never had this much to eat in forever, so they’re going to miss this place I think,” he said.