Man Accused of Running Down Another Golfer in a Golf Cart

April 28, 2016

Road rage, sure, but cart path rage?

Richard Ponds, 57, is facing a second-degree assault charge as prosecutors are accusing him of using a golf cart to run down and injure a fellow golfer at Wellshire Golf Course on April 3.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim told police that he and Ponds engaged in an argument while Ponds sat in his cart in the middle of a fairway even though he was done playing golf. According to the victim, Ponds later drove “full speed” at him, hitting him and causing bruised ribs and a cut to the forehead that required stitches, before proceeding to the parking lot.

Harold Appell, who works in the pro shop at a Colorado Springs course, told The Denver Post that in 40 years he’s never seen a hit-and-run on a golf course.

“It’s public golf; people are crazy,” he told the paper. “What can I say? It’s like road rage — people just get upset.”

Ponds posted the $5,000 bail and was released and has a court date set for May 17.