Loudmouth’s Standout Apparel Makes Leap from Golfers to Grooms

September 10, 2016

Loudmouth formal attire?

Yep, the envelope-pushing golf apparel company known for its garish floral prints (and for outfitting John Daly in pineapple pants), now caters to both golfers and grooms. Which means next time you’re celebrating a loved one’s nuptials, don’t be alarmed if you see the wedding party adorned in pink argyle pattern jackets with matching vests and bowties.

“We never promoted it for weddings,” says Loudmouth founder Scott (Woody) Woodworth. “People just started sending us pictures. I’d love to hear the conversation where the Loudmouth fan sheepishly asks his fiancée, ‘Uh, honey, me and the guys were thinking of wearing these jackets to the wedding — what do you think?’ Hey, some fiancées say yes. So you know those are going to be good marriages.”

Among the many eye-catching designs in Loudmouth’s “special occasion” collection is Tatu, a swirl of foam green, turquoise and white, and Banana Beach, a swirl of banana leaves accented by what look to be hot pink sharks. (Think paisley meets Vera Bradley.) Loudmouth has more than 60 options in assorted categories that can be made to order for the big day.

Ashley Swanson and Kyle McNeil chose Tatu for their beach wedding last May at Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Kyle delivers mail for Canada Post and his bride is a veterinary technician in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Kyle’s outfit — pants, vest and tie, no coat — drew one question.

“I showed one of my friends a picture of the pattern,” Ashley said, “and she said, ‘Really, you’re going to let him wear that? Even our parents were like, Really?

“We thought, Well, we’re going to get married after eight years together, we have to do something different.”

Kyle’s family includes some avid golfers and his brother suggested Loudmouth as an off-the-wall idea. He sent a digital photo of some tropical-patterned slacks, with palm fronds in light blue shades. Those became groomsmen wear, with white shirts and teal-colored ties. Kyle looked online and picked out Tatu.

Loudmouth has tapped into consumers’ quest for individuality. The outfits are conversation-starters, too.

“After the wedding, people at the resort came up and asked where we got the clothes,” Ashley said. “We talked to a lot of people because of the outfits that we probably wouldn’t have talked with otherwise.”

A full Loudmouth wedding outfit runs about $635 ($395 jacket; $120 pants; $99 vest; $25 bowtie). Loudmouth does not offer dresses for brides but Woodworth says he has filled requests from several brides-to-be for matching cloth for wedding gowns.

Loudmouth offers multiple other patterns, too, including many inspired by NCAA schools and major-league baseball teams, including the Chicago Cubs. You just know some diehards will tie the knot in Cubbies blue — because, you know, this really could be their year.

Woodworth, a graphic designer who started the company in 2000, said Loudmouth ventured into jackets in 2008 after he did a computer mockup and showed it to one of his partners. “He said, Forget about jackets, Woody, we’re never going to sell any jackets,” Woodworth recalled. “I sallied forth, anyway, and made a couple. And they caught on! It’s such a walking billboard, it’s great.”

Woodworth has owned more than 20 Loudmouth jackets. Note the past tense. “I’m at a party or some big event,” he said, “and I meet some important person who says, ‘Oh, I have to get a jacket like that!’ So I take it off and give it to them. I’ve lost all my jackets that way.”

And gained some fans.