Andrew Beef Johnston Halloween Costume Created by Young Fan

October 13, 2016
mini beef.jpg

Four-year-old Tate Price has already decided what his Halloween costume is going to be this year, and he seems to have got it down pat.

“I want to be Beef for Halloween!” is probably something you’ve never heard your kids says — until 2016, that is. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that kids are reaching for the beard and the belly to emulate golf’s latest hero, Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston.

Tate’s mom Alice tweeted this photo of her son rocking his best Beef garb.

The best part? Tate’s costume got the Beef stamp of approval, with Johnston himself chiming in: “You saying I look scary? Haha, I love it.”

While Mini Spieths were all the rage last Halloween, we have no doubt there will be more than a handful of Beefs knocking on doors this year.