Jordan Spieth Doubles Down on Ryder Cup Ping Pong Prep

January 6, 2016

It looks like Jordan Spieth is already prepping for the Ryder Cup, but not the way you might expect.

According to the Golf Channel, Spieth’s parents gave the two-time major winner a ping pong table for Christmas this year.

Spieth’s love for table tennis is well-documented  — he reportedly played ping pong in the wake of his 2014 Masters and challenged table tennis stud Matt Kuchar in the U.S. Ryder Cup team room at Gleneagles later that year.

According to Kuchar, Spieth got creamed. Spieth acknowledged as much to the Golf Channel on Tuesday, saying Kuchar was difficult to beat, but took aim at another Ryder Cup veteran instead.

“Phil [Mickelson] is all talk now,” Spieth said. “Phil is good, but not that great.”

This is actually the second ping pong table to be set up in the house Spieth shares with his roommate.

“Indoor and outdoor,” Spieth joked.