Jason Dufner’s New Plaque at Oak Hill Looks Like Bilbo Baggins

October 6, 2015

Jason Dufner will forever be remembered as a major winner, but up at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, where Dufner won his PGA Championship, the memory of him will likely remind people of a fictional character from Lord of the Rings: Bilbo Baggins.

Oak Hill added a plaque of Dufner to their club’s wall of history, with a photo of then shaggy-haired player. Dufner posted a comparison between the plaque and a photo of Baggins from the famous trilogy adaption.

The similarity, as Dufner noted in his caption, is striking and “not so flattering.”


When your course record plaque has a not so flattering similarity to a fictional movie caricature. #bilbo #hobbit #igotsmallears #nohairyfeettho #shirelife

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Take a look for yourself at the full plaque.