Illinois Retirees Hit Back-to-Back Holes-in-One in January Cold

February 4, 2016

Playing golf in Illinois in January is insane. Let’s start the story there. 

But the dedication of two Manteno men was rewarded with one of the more incredible stories you’ll hear: 84-year-old Joe McCourt and 79-year-old Don Sawyer hit back-to-back aces on Saturday at Manteno Golf Club, where apparently a small group of members try to play year round. 

On the 135-yard par-3 fifth hole, the two men were hitting into the wind. One hit a 7-wood, the other a 3-iron (two of the more unlikely clubs to hit your ace with) on back-to-back swings just for good measure. 

In a twist, no one in the playing group, which included friend Lee Hahn, realized the two shots had gone in. In fact, McCourt and Sawyer thought they’d hit their shots over the green. 

It wasn’t until they approached the hole and couldn’t find either ball that they realized their shots landed safely in the comfort of the cup. 

The Daily Journal reported just three aces at Manteno in all of 2015. 

With a 12.5 million to 1 shot at hitting a hole in one, the National Hole-in-One Association says the chances of making back-to-back aces on consecutive swings is about a 28 million to 1.