New Jersey Man Crashes Into Golf Cart in Hit-and-Run

October 22, 2015

What happens when you combine drunk golfing and road rage? 

Last week, a New Jersey man smashed his truck into a golf cart parked nearby at the Skyview Golf Club in Sparta and then fled the scene, reports the Daily Record. The man, Keith Peterson, was allegedly angry because he had been asked to leave the course by the employee who was sitting in the cart. The employee sustained a minor injury after falling out of the struck golf cart.

Peterson and his friends were intoxicated, according to the employee who called the police in the first place. Officers arrived at the golf club after the accident. A witness had recorded Peterson’s license plate before he sped away, and the police were able to track him to his home, where he was arrested on charges of assault by automobile and resisting arrest, and cited for reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, and improper parking.

Although he confessed to crashing into the golf cart, Peterson claimed that he believed the incident did not need to be reported to police. When he learned that he was going to be arrested, Peterson tried to escape the police again, attempting to bolt back into his house.

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This is hardly the first time that golf carts and public drunkenness have come together with over-the-top (and often disastrous) consequences, though it may be one of the few that involve a golfer piloting his full-sized truck into an idle cart.