German Man Convicted of Killing Goose at Hawaii Golf Course

February 25, 2016

In an event straight out of a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode, a German tourist was convicted this week of killing an endangered nene goose on a Big Island, Hawaii golf course.

According to, the incident occurred at Mauna Kea Golf Course on February 6, when 74-year-old Uwe Dettmar reportedly tried to hit the goose with his golf club before running it over with his golf cart, killing the rare bird and running afoul of the Hawaii Administrative Rules protecting endangered species. The nene goose is the state bird of Hawaii.

His excuse? He was protecting his wife, who is afraid of geese.

Deetmar was fined a total of $11,000 and given a 30-day suspended sentence plus one year probation, according to

The incident recalls an episode of “Curb” in which Larry kills a beloved black swan at his local L.A. golf club, before burying it to get rid of the evidence. We’ve embedded the clip below for your viewing pleasure.


And remember, “Swan killers leave. People who aren’t swan killers stay.”