Extra Spin Looks at John Daly's Plans for the Senior Tour

Extra Spin Looks at John Daly’s Plans for the Senior Tour

John Daly scales the famous Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum.
Gary Locke

​John Daly is 50! Extra Spin has obtained a copy of J.D.’s goals for his first year on the senior circuit.

April 28 Wow, the big five-oh! Begin training for debut at Insperity Invitational, May 6–8. World, meet a whole new J.D.!

May 1 Costco run: cigs, choc. milk, peanut butter Ritz Bits, Ben & Jerry’s. Protein, baby!

May 5 Gas up/wash/wax my ride. Slap on fresh “If the RV’s a rockin’, don’t come a-knockin'” bumper sticker.

May 6 Grip it and rip it! Long John is back, baby!

May 7 Mess with Langer, ask him if he’s noticed the hitch in his backswing. Heh-heh.

June 9 Senior Players, in Philly. Run (or walk?) up Rocky Balboa steps @ art museum!

July 8 Dick’s Sporting Goods Open. Ask CEO if interested in fashion-performance Loudmouth Spanx.

July 21 Senior Open, Carnoustie. Cadbury? Yes! Ladbrokes? Just say no, bro.

July 25 PGA Championship, Baltusrol. Avoid making 10 on par 3 & helicoptering iron into water.

Aug. 8 U.S. Senior Open at Scioto. Ask Jack to sign some merch.

Aug. 22 Boeing Classic in Wash. Long-drive contest w/local boy Freddie?

Sept. 16 Nature Valley First Tee deal @ Pebble. Free granola bars? What’s a “granola bar”?

Oct. 1 Endorse MedicAlert? “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up and down.” Lol!

Nov. 9 Golf w/Prez elect Trump. Talk biz, hair care products, pros & cons of marrying models.

Nov. 10 Schwab Cup Champs. Need some good sleep. Move bus from Hooters to Cracker Barrel.

Dec. 9 Father-Son, Orlando. Tee up w/Little John!

Dec. 30 Gas up/wash/wax RV. Text Tiger HBD. “Just nine more years and you’re mine, T-Dub.”

Dec. 31 So long, ’16. Party hard. Chocolate Ensure Mudslides? Hell, why not?