Donald Trump Tells Funny Ben Roethlisberger Golf Story

October 11, 2016

Speaking to the crowd while on the campaign trail in Ambridge, Penn., on Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump broke the ice by name dropping Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Trump told the crowd that “Big Ben is a friend of mine.” Trump went on to tell a story about a time he played golf with Roethlisberger and described how hard the 34-year-old two-time Super Bowl champion hits the ball.

“He once hit a shot that went dead right into a tree,” Trump said. “It was a massive tree like this. The ball hit the tree so hard, I swear, I said, ‘Ben, within two years, that tree is gonna be dead.’ And you know what? Two years later, I should say this because we have — have a lot of tree lovers here. But two years later, that tree was dead. He is a strong guy and he’s a good guy too. Big Ben.”