Danny Willett’s Brother Explains His Letter to U.S. Golf Fans

October 12, 2016
willet rc.jpg

Danny Willett was a major storyline at the Ryder Cup for all the wrong reasons. 

His brother, Pete, wrote a satirical article that took shots at American fans and members of the U.S. Ryder Cup team. It caused a stir, and eventually, Danny – a Ryder Cup rookie – had to apologize before the matches started and distance himself from his brother’s comments. On the course, some U.S. fans proved Pete correct in his assessment, jeering Danny any time he stepped on the course. And it might have affected Danny’s play – he went 0-3 in his debut.

Writing for the Telegraph, Pete defended his original letter but apologized for the timing of it.

“I need to hold my hands up,” Pete wrote. “In hindsight, the timing was atrocious. I wrote the piece over a number of evenings with a big push on the pre-Ryder Cup weekend. Then the unimaginable happened. Regardless of my surname, when I was scribbling amendments in my notebook, between resisting the urge to trip my children as they continually ran up and down the lounge, I never expected for the Ryder Cup captains, ESPN, the Golf Channel, and the British media, to be discussing me.”

That probably doesn’t change Danny’s assessment of his first Ryder Cup experience. He said his week was “s—. Really s—.”