College Hoops Coach With ‘No Golf’ Rule Spotted on Golf Course

April 22, 2016

Is Josh Pastner above the rules?

Just a few days after the new Georgia Tech men’s basketball coach made headlines for saying that he wouldn’t hire assistant coaches who play golf, Pastner was spotted on, you guessed it, a golf course.

In a recent interview with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Pastner established a strict “no golf” rule for new hires.

“My first question to anyone I (might) hire is, ‘Do you golf?'” Pastner said last week. “If they say, ‘Yes,’ you can’t work for me, because that means five hours on a Sunday or on a Saturday. Can’t. Don’t want it. That’s for my assistant coaches. Any of my assistant coaches, if they’re golfers, not working for me.”

But that rule doesn’t apply to Pastner. Here he is on Wednesday getting some swing tips from Georgia Tech’s men’s golf coach Bruce Heppler.