Chubbs the Alligator Caught on Texas Golf Course Weighs 600 Pounds

November 18, 2015

If you remember Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore, you may recall how the character played by Carl Weathers lost his golfing career and right hand after losing a battle to an alligator. Two gator wranglers in Texas have commemorated this plot point by nicknaming a real-life reptile found on a golf course in the town of Richmond “Chubbs,” after Weathers’ role in the movie. The Houston Chronicle reports that Chubbs was found at the River Pointe Golf Club on Wednesday, is 12 feet long and weighs 600 pounds.

The gator grabbers are famous in Houston for their previous alligator-trapping exploits: “Gator Chris” and Christy Kroboth have also helped to remove alligators from shopping centers and other urban areas. Once caught, the animals are released to alligator farms or swamps.