Champions Tour Heads to Site with Enormous Sinkhole

April 20, 2016

Remember that giant sinkhole at the Top of the Rock Golf Course in Missouri? Well, it’s back and bigger than ever (OK, it didn’t really go anywhere to begin with).

The 40-foot sinkhole is now a whopping 100 feet deep and getting bigger. The crazy thing is that the grounds crew is actually making the hole bigger, hoping to find unique geological qualities.

Basically, they’re digging for gold–not real gold (though they’d probably take that, too) but a potential tourist attraction.

“A treasure hunt is underway and we hope to one day discover a new natural wonder lying below,” the course’s website says in a statement from Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris. Bass Pro Shops owns the course.

“I am very excited about our chances to find a great cavern, but whether we find a cave or not, the incredible formations we have already uncovered have made the effort worthwhile.”

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The Champions Tour heads to Branson this week to take on the course, which should make for a good time. It begs the question: What does the USGA say about lost balls in a sink hole?