Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith Jokes Postseason Runs Cut Into Golf Game

November 7, 2016
JR Smith.jpg

J.R. Smith has a championship ring with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a brand new four-year $57 million deal with the team, but he’s missing his other beloved pastime.

This summer Smith played a round of golf with Danny Ainge, the Boston Celtics’ president of basketball operations, in what could have been used as negotiations regarding the shooter’s free agent status. It didn’t work out for the two, court-wise, but Smith was happy he could top Ainge on the course. Paired with Celtics equipment manager John Connor, the duo walked away victorious over the head honcho.

“(Ainge is) really good,” Smith told ESPN. “The only reason why we won is we got strokes.”

Smith is an avid golfer who once boasted a 4 handicap. He’s also a proponent of an NBA-only golf tour. But according to the Cleveland star, his team’s success in the postseason has been keeping him off the links and away from that number. The Cavs were NBA champions in 2015-16, a redemptive win over their opponents, the Golden State Warriors, whom they lost to a season prior.

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“Last summer I only played like four times. I need to (play more golf),” Smith said, joking with his teammates. “Let me get some more time off!”