California Golf Course Spends More Than $20K to Remove Foul Odor

October 20, 2016

A southern California golf course is spending big bucks to get rid of a putrid smell that’s baffled its neighbors and caused many residents to keep their windows closed to avoid the foul smell.

Residents of Fountain Valley, located in Orange County, Calif., spent weeks trying to track down the source of a rotten smell haunting the area, which they say was at its worst in the early morning.

“There is no way you can get rid of it,” one resident told KABC. “It permeates through the windows.”

Sam Atwood, who works for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, said they had received more than 50 complaints. Their investigation eventually led them to nearby Mile Square Golf Course and Banquet Center. One of those ponds on the course, Atwood said, was the culprit.

“The pond has started to grow algae and other material that causes sulfur compounds, which gives a very foul, rotten-egg like odor,” Atwood said.

According to the golf course’s manager, a company was brought in to remove the algae and the odor, and it’s already cost them more than $20,000 to remedy the situation.