Beef Johnston Appears in Three New Arby's Commercials

Beef Johnston Appears in Three New Arby’s Commercials

Andrew "Beef" Johnston keeps gaining fans, and he's hoping to prove to everyone his game can back up his rise to fame.
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If you own a television or have been within earshot of one in the last few weeks, you certainly have seen Arby’s new line of commercials with the celebratory tagline of “Arby’s: We Have the Meats.” The fast-food chain can now also proclaim it has, ahem, the Beef.

Arby’s and Beef Johnston signed an endorsement deal this summer, and his first three commercials for the fast-food chain were released to For The Win this week. And they’re not bad! (They are not This is SportsCenter level, but that is a high standard.) We see Beef in the first two videos where he’s hitting shots into empty Arby’s cups. First, he’s in a fancy house putting down a staircase, and next, he’s outside hitting flop shots while his niece cheers him on from the house. Finally, Beef enters a country club dining room with a live fox in his picnic basket. That’s a weird sentence to read, but it makes for a funny commercial.

Beef’s ads will air this week during the Tour Championship and also during the Ryder Cup. Get a sneak preview below.