Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey Smashes Golf World Record for ‘Keepy-Uppy’

January 22, 2016
ramsey golf.jpg

A new Guinness World Record in golf has been set, and Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey might want to reconsider his sport of choice.

The soccer player found himself on Sky 1’s comedy panel show ‘A League of Their Own’ on Wednesday night, along with Guinness World Records official judge Mark McKinley, to try and best some of the world’s greatest records for a live audience.

Ramsey’s test? Beat the current record for number of golf ball ‘keepy-uppies,’which stood at 15 for 30 consecutive seconds without dropping off the club.

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The footballer absolutely smashed it, managing 61 keepy-uppies in the allotted time.

Still think soccer is your calling, Ramsey?