‘Can I get reimbursed?’ Grizzly bear stops play on Montana course

June 8, 2018

In certain parts of the world, bears are a fairly common sight on a golf course. But unless you’re playing a track where they are a known hazard (and known plant-eaters) they can quickly put a damper on a round.

Take Pondera Golf Course in Conrad, Montana, where play was stopped earlier this week when a grizzly bear was spotted on the course. You have to love the course’s low-key Facebook announcement.

No need to panic! One woman who saw the bear reportedly rushed into the pro shop and said, “There’s a bear on the course. Can I get reimbursed?” The bear (seen below) was eventually tracked down by local law enforcement, tranquilized and moved out of town.

And yes, the woman received a refund. This seems like a good time to mention that if you need to fend off a wild animal on a golf course, we’ve got you covered.