WATCH: Teens’ golf cart ‘demolition derby’ causes thousands in damages at Irish club


CCTV footage of the most recent vandalism incident at Enniscorthy Golf Club.

A group of teenagers have been terrorizing an Irish golf club since December, and have yet to be apprehended.

Enniscorthy Golf Club, located in the town of Wexford in southeastern Ireland, has witnessed thousands of dollars in damages caused by local teens who have broken into the club in the middle of the night to steal golf carts and drive them around the property, according to a report from Irish newspaper The Independent.

On April 5, newly installed CCTV cameras caught one suspect taking one of the carts and crashing into various things in a garage before heading out to tear up the golf course.

But that wasn’t the first incident. In fact, it was the fifth or sixth time since December that teens have vandalized the club.

“They ran out across the greens and into a bunker. They ran into a gate one night and out through a sheepwire fence which borders a neighbor’s field another night. It’s basically demolition derby type stuff,” club captain Tim Morrissey told The Independent. “They have done considerable damage to buggies out on the course ramming into each other and crashing them into things. Luckily they haven’t caused too much damage to the greens but you could easily cause €2,000 or €3,000 to a green tearing it up.”

The club has locked up the golf carts and installed multiple CCTV security cameras and floodlights in an attempt to prevent the youths from causing any more damage.

If the late-night sleuths decide to return yet again, they could also be met by local police officers who now patrol the property regularly.