Alligator and python battle it out at Florida golf club

January 16, 2018

Sure, nature is a part of the game, but sometimes it can get a bit gruesome.

Take last week’s most recent example from The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek, a private club in Naples, Fla. Members playing near a water hazard on the 10th hole were surprised when they found an animal kingdom brawl happening at the course. It was Alligator vs. Python v2. Here’s the first time we saw such a heavy hitting carnivorous bout, which took place less than six miles away.

Richard Nadler shared three photos of the fight on Facebook, one which captures just how close the animals were to the typical playing zone. Too close for comfort? We thought so, but the animals couldn’t be bothered by the humans nearby. The alligator, much like in previous iterations of this showdown, seemed to be winning at the time the photo was taken.