Police officer bitten when brawl breaks out at English Golf Club

November 15, 2017

Golf is often referred to as a gentleman’s game, but the attendees of a party at an English golf club are putting that reputation to the test.

Last Friday, members of West Cornwall Golf Club were enjoying a celebration at the Tregenna Castle Hotel in southwest England when a fight broke out that quickly got out of control.

According to a report by CornwallLive.com, employees of the hotel were forced to call the local police to remedy the situation. Police confirmed they “were called to reports of fighting breaking out at a private party. Two people were arrested at the scene.”

In the melee that followed, two people were arrested and three police officers suffered minor injuries.

That’s right, one officer was “punched whilst giving first aid to an injured male in Camborne” and another was bitten by a woman when trying to detain her.

That woman, Bethany Glasson, 22, ended up being charged for her misdeeds, and they seem to be serious charges at that: “assault by beating, criminal damage, assault of a police officer in execution of their duty and using threatening words or behaviour.”

So remember, while arguments happen on the golf course, it’s best to keep your hands (and teeth) to yourself.