Wild turkey terrorizes golfers at Canadian course

October 31, 2017

We’re used to hearing about golfers in the South fleeing monster alligators on the golf course, and maybe the occasional bear up North. But this week, the wild animal harassing weekend hackers is… a turkey.

A report from CBC News details the story of Elm Ridge Country Club in Île-Bizard, Quebec, where a reportedly “large and fierce” turkey that has taken up residence at the course temporarily, and has become territorial towards humans.

One man, Jonathan Lutter Hoppenheim, had a particularly harrowing run-in with the feathered beast. When he first spotted it, “he thought it was cute, but as he fiddled with his bag he saw the turkey move towards him,” the CBC reports states. Quickly, Hoppenheim realized “it seemed like it wanted a piece of me.”

The enraged turkey then chased Lutter Hoppenehim down the fairway, keeping up with him because it was “just as fast as he was.” The spooked golfer finally resorted to hitting the turkey with his golf club in self-defense, which finally encouraged the animal to back off and leave him alone.

Lutter Hoppenheim is just one of several club members to have run-ins with the turkey, and the staff has yet been able to capture it. The report notes that this is likely normal territorial behavior by the turkey. However, as scientist David Rodrigue told CBC, “There is also a small chance that the wild turkey’s displaced aggression was caused by a neurological disease.” So there’s that.