John Daly opens John Daly Steakhouse in Conway, Arkansas

September 27, 2017

John Daly’s business empire continues to grow.

The 51-year-old pro opened his first steakhouse, aptly named John Daly Steakhouse, Wednesday in Conway, Arkansas, just 45 miles east of where Daly lives in Dardanelles, Arkansas.

Plans for the restaurant were originally announced in late December 2015, and due to various complications, the open date was pushed back to this week, but thanks to Daly’s post on Twitter Tuesday night, the joint appears ready for customers.

Daly has forayed into all kinds of businesses in the past, with anything from wine to the very popular apparel company Loudmouth Golf. Will his steakhouse be a hit? You might have to visit Arkansas to find out.

The restaurant currently does not have a website or menu available online, but you can track its progress on its Facebook page here.