The iPhone X has arrived. Here are 7 reasons why golfers should buy one

September 26, 2017

The much buzzed-about iPhone X is now available. If you can get over the $1,000 sticker shock (hey, it’s cheaper than a set of PXG irons!), the phone actually has some practical benefits for golfers. Here are seven reasons you should pick one up.

1. Highly water-resistant

Useful for when you get stuck out in a deluge on the 13th hole, or when you feel the urge, like this guy, to hurl your bag into a lake. But don’t dillydally in retrieving it. The phone’s IPx7 water resistance rating means it can withstand immersion in water up to one meter for 30 minutes. After that, though, time for a new iPhone.  

2. Longer battery life

The supercharged battery lasts up to two hours longer than the battery on the iPhone 7—all the juice you need to run your shot-tracking and scoring apps. And no need to stress about losing power when you squeeze in another nine. 

3. 12-megapixel wide-angle camera lens

Plus a second telephoto lens for zooming. This means not only clearer photos but also less shaky videos with ultra-vivid imagery, even in low light (for those moody course snaps/videos in the gloaming). Send footage of your swing into the ether—maybe Hank Haney will respond.

4. Personalized animoji!

The phone uses Face ID face-scanning technology to create custom 3D emojis based on your own facial expressions. Just what you’ve always wanted: an animated golfer avatar in your likeness, snarling after blowing another four-footer.

5. Augmented reality

Two important rules of life: never let the facts stand in the way of a good story, or reality interfere with your wildest dreams. With a few screen swipes, you can create a video of yourself strolling along the coastline at Pebble Beach, say, or taming Amen Corner on Sunday in April. For good measure, add a scoreboard in the backdrop. You’ve got a six-shot lead over Jordan Spieth.

6. Shatter-proof glass

Apple says it’s the most durable glass on any phone on the market, which will come in handy should you drop the X in the parking lot, on a cart path or on the grill-room floor after one too many Bloodies.

7. Edge-to-edge display

Which means you’re getting a larger viewing area without having to carry a larger phone. All the better to make your golf buds envious when you share those killer snaps from your trip to Bandon.