Grayson Murray tried to stop tweeting by having his agent change his password

July 10, 2017

The Twitter travails of Tour pro Grayson Murray have been well documented; the 23-year-old rookie has incited criticism for sharing controversial thoughts, in 140 characters or less, on everything from the world ranking to police shootings.

Less known, however, are Murray’s efforts to avoid social media.

Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner profiled Murray and uncovered much about his Twitter habits, including the revelation that Murray once tried to go cold turkey on Twitter by having his agent, Kevin Canning, change his account password. “But I cracked back in again,” Murray said.

Which may not have been for the better. Soon enough Murray stirred up controversy again by inappropriately tweeting at a high school student before deactivating his account in May. He has since made his account protected, meaning users must be granted access by Murray to view his tweets.

Lavner’s story details Murray’s complicated rise to the PGA Tour, including his inspiration, his lack of balance in college and his battle against social anxiety. You can read the entire piece here.