WATCH: Massive 12-foot alligator walks across golf course in S.C.

June 7, 2017

It’s always a a good idea to keep a careful eye out for wildlife while on the golf course no matter where you are. But when you’re in the Southeastern United States, it’s best you stay extra vigilant in case you run into one of these monsters.

A large adult alligator measuring nearly 12 feet long was caught on camera at Ocean Point Golf Links at Fripp Island last week. The alligator slowly and calmly sauntered across the 4th fairway before entering the bushes on its way to a nearby pond. The Fripp Island Activity Center’s Facebook post about the video stated “while a small crowd of humans and deer kept watch, he paid us no mind and had only his next pond in his sight.”

You can watch a video of the alligator from Inside Edition below.