Watch this veteran make a putt with his prosthetic leg

May 16, 2017

There are a number of ways to play this crazy game, but Green Beret John Wayne Walding has found a new one.

According to Golf Channel, Walding was playing in the Chris Kyle Memorial Golf Tournament when instead of using his putter to can a putt, he pulled off his prosthetic leg and used it as his not-so-flat stick. Sure enough, the ball rolled into the cup, much to the enjoyment of everyone else on the green.

It’s one of those shots you just have to see to fully understand. Walding originally lost his leg after being shot by a sniper during his service in Afghanistan in 2008. Much like his golf company, Walding wasn’t shy about his own reaching, launching the prosthetic putter into the air when the putt dropped. Check out the video below.