This one’s on Beef: Andrew Johnston is giving fans all expenses paid trips to the Open

May 8, 2017

Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston is giving away all-expenses paid trips to American fans to watch him play in the British Open in his native United Kingdom. Johnston and Arby’s are calling the initiative #GoHomeWithBeef.

One lucky spectator got to meet Beef at the Wells Fargo Championship this weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina. The next day, the fan got a phone call from Beef telling him he had something to give him. That something turned out to be the tickets.

So how can you win a free trip to the Open? Apparently it’s up to Beef himself to make the call about who gets them, and for this prize, he’s in search of his biggest fans. Beef will give out four more “golden tickets” at upcoming tournaments. Each comes with a plus one. 

View the upcoming PGA Tour schedule here.

The 2017 Open Championship takes place at Royal Birkdale from July 20-23 in Southport, England.