The 5 best things about the new

May 5, 2017

Without clubs to swing and much needed time away from the course as he recovers from back surgery, Tiger Woods has been writing code for the relaunch of his website,

Just kidding. The new is no joke, though. The website was relaunched Friday and Woods himself made the public aware by sharing the news on social media.

It’s an elegant interface that includes many of the bells and whistles Tiger’s old site included, but this one is clearly better. Don’t believe us? Here are five things that make the new much better than the most recent version.

1. Gift cards to The Woods Jupiter

The old site used to only offer reservations, and you can still do that on the new site, but gift card purchasing capabilities bring you (or a friend) that much closer to dining at the restaurant. Maybe you’ll get lucky and TW will be there on-site when you visit.

2. Tiger has cleaned up!

The 41-year-old has never been known for his sense of style. He’s actually been known to lack some of the trendy basics, but judging by the many photos available on the site, Woods (or someone else) has cleaned up his act tenfold. He has never looked better. Here’s to hoping this is a trend that never ends.

3. No more sad pages

There used to be a page on that was titled Tiger vs. Jack. Sure, it’s the greatest debate in the game, but in the last few years it has only been a sad, sad page that induced never ending what ifs. Now, that page is gone! Tiger fans can bask in the glory of their favorite player without Nicklaus crashing the party.

Another section of the site that was dedicated to Tiger’s biography clearly laid out his injuries. We know them well. At this point, we don’t need to revel in them anymore. Now, that info can only be found when you download the Tiger Woods biography media kit.

4. More about TGR Design

The old was pretty limited in its description of TGR Design, Woods’ design company. You had to dig for it, the information was boring, and it read like a cover letter. Now, we’ve been given a detailed breakdown of the company’s approach to course design as well as plenty of information about the number of courses Woods is working on, especially his first public course in America, Payne’s Valley.

5. Much improved bio

Woods’ old biography on the website was this long, scrolling, textbook-like version of his life in golf. It was sufficient and detailed, but really nothing special. The new biography is well designed, and a timeline displays huge, grabbing photos that show the man through the years. Every Tiger factoid you’d like is listed there among some of the most memorable images of his career. There’s even a video of Woods reflecting on his career.