Listen to Gary Player hilariously trash Booger McFarland's swing on air

Listen to Gary Player hilariously trash Booger McFarland’s swing on air

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - AUGUST 29: Gary Player on the driving range prior to The Berenberg Gary Player Invitational 2016 New York at Glenarbor Golf Club on August 29, 2016 in New York, United States of America. (Photo by Kent Horner/Gallo Images)

No surprise here: Gary Player won’t back down from a taunt about his golf game. Player called into ESPN‘s Mike & Mike to dispute Booger McFarland’s assertion that he could beat Player on the course, and Player did not disappoint. Player is more than twice as old as McFarland.

“He and I have had our game already, and he doesn’t let anybody know about it. When I first saw his swing it reminded me of a cow giving birth to roll of barbed wire,” Player said. “Listen, Booger, I might be 81, I know you’d beat me in an arm wrestle, but I’m not convinced you’d beat me in the gym at 81, and I still average 70 on a normal golf course.” 

“Here’s my theory,” Booger responded. “You were one of the greatest golfers of all time. But I use the word ‘were’ as in past tense. And I just wonder at what point could you go back and get some of that magic. Because we’re going to play 7200 yards, we’re going to walk, we’re going to have caddies. I’m hiding all anti-inflammatory medicines, so this is going to be a real match. Are you up for that kind of match?”

“Well you walk on your feet and I’ll walk on my hands to give you a chance,” Player retorted.

Our money’s on Gary.