John Daly doesn’t think ‘The Rock’ actually hit a 490-yard drive

March 24, 2017

Early this week, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson claimed on Instagram that he had launched a 490-yard drive while filming his HBO show Ballers. But John “Grip It and Rip It” Daly isn’t having it.

TMZ Sports cornered Big John recently to ask him if he thought Johnson’s long-drive claim was even possible. “Well, to hit it 490 yards I gotta know if he hit a sprinkler head or a cart path,” Daly responded jokingly before adding, “I’m saying it’s highly unlikely.”

“Now we know he’s strong enough to do it. If I had that body I’d be hitting it 490 yards myself.” 

To back up his point, Daly brought up the World Long Drive championships, noting that the longest drivers in the world couldn’t even hit it that far. “You look at the Long Drive champions and they’re hitting it 390, and I think one time it went over 400 yards, so I’d have to see it to believe it,” Daly says in the video. On that point, at least, he’s off base with his stats. The 2016 World Long Drive champion is 31-year-old Joe Miller, and his winning drive was 423 yards. His longest drive of the event? 439.

But what if the story is true, and The Rock can drive it nearly 500 yards? “If he can hit it 490 straight he needs to get on the PGA Tour” Check out the full video below.