Green jacket bought in thrift store for $5 now selling for thousands

March 23, 2017

While a trip to your local thrift store could lead to the discovery of a unique clothing item to round out your wardrobe, rarely does it result in finding something of real value… like an official Augusta National Golf Club green jacket.

But that’s exactly what happened to one lucky shopper perusing a Toronto thrift store in 1994. Now that very green jacket can be yours, if you’re willing to pay for it.

Green Jacket Auctions opened the bidding on the historic blazer at $5,000, and as of this writing, a $5,500 bid has been made, though the price is likely to skyrocket from there.

The specific green jacket being auctioned caused a media stir when it was discovered in 1994. Augusta National confirmed its authenticity back then, but the club has refused to provide further details on who the jacket belonged to, and how it made its way from Georgia to Ontario. According to Green Jacket Auctions, it dates back to the 1950s. While members have been donning the green coats since 1937, they were not awarded to champions until 1949.

If this story sounds familiar, that’s because a different vintage green jacket was discovered in a Houston thrift store and sold at auction in 2016.