Vegas casino opens VIP golf simulator suite with caddie, bottle service

March 19, 2017

The market is heating up for high-tech, non-traditional golfing experiences. Topgolf centers, which combine sprawling driving ranges along with swanky lounges with drinks and games, are popping up all over the country and proving to be very popular. Now a Las Vegas casino is getting in on the action.

Late last year, the MGM Grand casino opened its 12,000 foot Level Up space, a center designed for millennials that includes non-traditional casino games like Frogger, Connect Four and Giant Pac-Man, not to mention an arena for video game competitions. But golf lovers will gravitate toward Level Up’s new Golfstream Suite.

The Golfstream Suite is a VIP golf lounge, which includes a traditional golf simulator and high-tech putting surface. The casino touts the Suite as a “first-of-its-kind golf experience uses augmented reality and laser guidance to take you through a series of fast-paced mini-challenges in a new approach to skill-based contests.”

In the Suite, the putting surface can be altered automatically to change the reads of putts, and lasers can either help show the line, or create fun putting competitions. Furthermore, the Suite experience comes with a caddie to help operate the games, while also ensuring the guests always have enough food and drinks to keep the party going.

Rental rates at the Golfstream Suite are $75/hour during off-hours, and $175/hour from 7-11 p.m. each day. Watch the video below to learn more.