Nesting hawks terrorize Orlando golf course

February 16, 2017

This is one rare bird that golfers don’t want to see.

According to Orlando’s News 6, Orange Tree Golf Club is warning its members to beware of aggressive hawks nesting on the course. The birds have already attacked several golfers.

“Beware it is hawk nesting time of year again and the hawks may be territorial,” wrote the club in a message posted on Facebook. “They have been known to dive down and hit neighbors and members causing cuts and even stitches to the scalp. Please stay aware. A suggested protection solution is to use an umbrella in areas marked with hawk activity.”

Spring is nesting season, and the hawks apparently view humans (including weekend hackers) as dangerous predators, precipitating an untold number of skull scratchings.

“I saw the hawk while I was walking, then I felt something hit me in the head pretty hard,” Suzanne Scherfer told News 6. “I fell to the ground and screamed and the hawk let go of me. A lot of people didn’t believe me about the attack. I want to get my story out to help other people.”

The club can’t legally remove the nests because the hawks are a protected species, so its officials have advised members to avoid the area, carry an umbrella or wear a hat.