Your Ball Feel Index

Our exclusive research partner, Hot Stix Golf, used a Shore D Durometer tester to measure cover hardness for every ball in our test. We took the average of five measurements on each ball. The Shore D hardness scale is commonly used to gauge the hardness of plastics and rubbers. (A lower Shore D number equates to softer.)


Softest Covers Shore D
Nike One Platinum 46.8
Callaway HX Hot Bite 54.4
Wilson Luxe 55.2
Callaway HX Pearl 55.4
Srixon AD333 55.4
Titleist Pro V1x 55.8
Top-Flite Gamer 56.4
TaylorMade TP Black 56.6
Nike One Black 56.8
Titleist Pro V1 57.2
Titleist NXT Tour 57.2
Bridgestone Tour B330-S 57.2


Hardest Covers Shore D
Top-Flite Freak 68.8
Callaway HX Hot 67.0
Precept Laddie X 67.0
Callaway WarBird 66.4
Top-Flight XL Distance 65.6
Pinnacle Gold FX Soft 65.6
Pinnacle Platinum Distance 65.4
Pinnacle Gold FX Long 65.4
Srixon Soft Feel 65.2
Callaway Big Bertha 64.8
Titleist NXT Extreme 64.8
Volvik Crystal 64.6

You really sense the subtleties in cover hardness when putting and
chipping. Choose a soft-cover ball if you desire a responsive, soft
impact feel. By contrast, you should opt for a harder-cover ball if
you’re after a firmer, more precise click.